2016 Atom Hub
Genius Loci: OBZOR

Sonic adventures of the Black Sea
What is the smell ? What do I hear ? I found myself standing on a shore and the first thing I realized was this beautiful seaside atmosphere - calming sounds of the waves crashing softly against my feet and the salty touch to the air I was breathing in and out. I turned around and spotted a lonely beach hotel far behind me. I looked down to the line of the footsteps in the sand coming my way, and saw the little ones sitting and building the sand castles in the distance. One of them, maybe 2-years old, sat alone with a stick and rummaged in the heaps of the clam-shell houses of sea inhabitants. Not far away, numerous remains of old wooden barges were sticking out of the sand. What was this place ? An Abandoned harbor ? All the fragments of a dry land life would suggest so. I closed my eyes and became absorbed by the wind combing the waves which slowly carried the day away. First stars appeared in the sky and what looked like a lonely morning turned into the summer night at the seashore. I thought I had heard something before and suddenly I heard it clearly - some kind of drums, maybe tom toms of a sea tribe. Their beats floated here from a distance, they surrounded me and I had a feeling I was carried away into the dark. I was falling down into the dark sea shaft, the beats turned into some kind of a steel-work march and I entered the underwater realm... Blue, more blue, dark blue and green... Lost in those colors I found myself in front of a door fenced by smiling banisters. The room of a sepia, read the writing on it. I wondered, whether I should enter and finally I did. No sepia inside, immediately it turned into a Fugu visit, so I left quickly, feeling a little unease in my stomach. Where the hell was I ? Under the swimming pool ?! A strange hum was coming my way and I was not sure what it meant. Was something wrong ? Then I noticed highlighted words, which cooled me down. "Systems are on". Great ! Everything was fine then !