2018 Atom Hub

Strange. Dark. Evolving. Unsettling. Weird.
The Atom Hub spaceship has returned to the Planet.
This time the Planet has been explored with much more sensitive gear: detectors, telescopes and scanners. What they have found will keep scientists busy for years.

Strange. Dark. Evolving. Unsettling. Weird.

The wide spectrum of data obtained has introduced us to an everchanging,
exotic world unlike others.
A vast amount of controversial data and weird signals of all sorts have been collected, and categorized with great effort, in order to find the answers to all those questions previous researchers posed...

Is IT communicating with us? Is IT... living? Who are THEY?
Is there ANYBODY at all?

Help the scientists to find out. Help them to understand.

Try to communicate... maybe what is needed is... music.
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