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CRYPTAR Eternal Light

Atmospheric. Poetic. Dreamy. Melancholic. Dark. Experimental.
„It was midnight. Crickets and frogs were my companions, as was the Moon in the sky. I found myself in front of that gate again. Could not help myself. Something urged me to do it. I had to come back. I had to enter the crypt again and look for that something I have been sure was still in there. What should it be ? I didn´t know. Entered through old, heavy creaking door and got immediately covered by darkness. Just me and wet, ancient darkness. What was that ? Did I just hear footsteps ? Something banged down there ? Or was that just my imagination ? I lit a candle found on the ground as I stepped downstairs. The walls I touched were wet - no surprise, water was dripping down, painting small lakes under my feet. Suddenly I heard the church bells... has someone died ?

Time flies here, the present mixes with the past and I, staring at the bones around in the flickering light of a flame, start to lose belief, that I am still here. I mean, I feel like me being born in the 20th century was... just a dream. So am I awake now ? Is this real ? The candle dies. Darkness. I... become darkness. I look for a wall, for something to lean to. My hands fall through air, my legs are shaking. I find myself on the ground, not sensing anything ! Like a ghost ! Bones, bones everywhere ! Whispers, I am hearing whispers ! And music - strange, sad, slow music...
What is the smell ? Bodies around, dead bodies !
Where am I, who... am I ? What have I found ?
Lying on the cold stone floor...
Am I... alive ??

How to get into the Crypt again ? E
nter here...
Guitar. Piano. Noises.