Atom Hub is an enthusiastic webspace dedicated to experimental sample libraries and sound design. You will find here sounds of strange
beautiful things I have found, or places I have been to. Sounds and recordings of fine quality with a soul and unique atmosphere captured
often in their own environment, right on the spot, or heavily effected and transformed into something completely different... Hope you will
enjoy listening to the music, which came out of these items and get inspired towards another musical works of yours as well...


When making a multiple-purchase on, you can use the cart, which is fully functional and enables you to add and delete
items, as well as repeatedly return to reviewing another pages of the site. The cart works like this: After clicking "Buy it now" button a
new page appears (of the particular library screenshot on a grey background) with two options - "buy it now" and "add to cart". After
clicking "add to cart", a small window pops up in the right upper corner offering you to check out. If you want to continue shopping, just
click anywhere in the grey field around the picture, or click the little "X" in the upper right corner of the picture - this shuts the window
down and returns you back to the original library page. Now just continue reviewing libs, adding to cart this way as many times as you
want. After every "add to cart" click, the cart pop-up window will appear in the upper right corner of the screen informing you about what
you have in the cart and whether you want to check out. Have a good time spent here !

Thank you for stopping by and heartily for your support.


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