Have you always wanted to hear the sounds of microbial world ? Did that microspace fascinate you like me ? If your answers are yes, let me
introduce my Microbiology - Petri Audio Dish for Kontakt library to you. I love new, bizzare sounds and often dream - what some non audible
phenomenas sound (or would) sound like. Microworld seen under a microscope is surely one of them. Knowing, that hearing bacterias, or
enzymes is not so easy (if possible) I decided to use my imagination to create those sounds. I have always been huge fan of audio textures
and ambient soundscapes, so microbiology seemed to me like very proper territory to excite my fantasy. I closed my eyes and had heard that
curious world from under a microscope, the world whose gigantic constructions were... we ourselves. When I opened my eyes, sounds
dissapeared... until I gathered four of my hardware samplers and synths (each one with its own FX section) and started to look for the
sounds I had heard. I really enjoyed this work during March and April and also the work on design with basic effects including chorus, phaser,
flanger, delay and others adjustable in GUI. I have created 4 strangely named screens dedicated to different groups of effects (donīt worry,
they are "translated" in the help line of Kontakt when hovering your cursor above them). But most of all, you will discover 4 categories of
instruments - Bacterias (backgrounds), Amino Acids (longer tonal elements), Enzymes (short tonal elements) and Viruses (rhythmic elements)
ready to be combined into multis instantly reminiscent of bizzare soundscapes of microbial world. The world, which has got its own sound

P.S. Names of the bacterias, acids, enzymes and viruses were taken from actual microbial terminology (some were "invented" by myself). No
sane sounds here :-) !   

Whatīs in ? (100 nkis divided into 4 categories - Bacterias, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Viruses) Few of the patches names : Amino Acids -
Alanine, Bearine, Cisteine, Dreamine, Glutamine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Valine, Bacterias - Aquaspirillum serpens, Coprococcus catus,
Intrasporangium calvum, Kurthia zopfii, Spirochaeta halophila, Enzymes - Amylase, Mezodreamine, Ptyalin, Sucrase, Viruses -  Algerian
watermelon, Bean common mosaic, Echovirus, Khabarovsk virus...

COMPATIBILITY : This library works in KONTAKT 5 FULL VERSION ( and above) software sampler (in KONTAKT PLAYER for 15 minutes).
INSTALLATION : Dowload *.rar file, extract it to desired destination, open Kontakt 5 and search for your library among "Files".
(Petri Audio Dish for Kontakt)

- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 570 MB (cca 300 single wav files)
- 100 nki files
- 4 categories of sounds - Backgrounds,
   Short, Long tonal, Rhythmic elements
- over 1 minute long looped wavs in
   backgrounds (many with 5 RR different
   start points)
- easy creation of your own Multis
- all tonal sounds are tuned

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